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Parking Suggestions for NE Chapter ISGB June 3rd meeting at Harvard Museum of Natural History and NOCA Glass School

Suggestions from Louise Erskine:

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is located on Oxford Street and the parking on the street is free on Sundays. There are also 3 public garages in the area and Harvard has a parking garage at 52 Oxford Street at the intersection of Everett and Oxford Streets. On the weekends, just park and jot down your license plate number, then bring that to the admissions desk at the museum for an $8 parking pass. This can also be purchased ahead through the Harvard website. Just search for museum parking- but it is a multi-step process.

Finally, if you want to take the MBTA take the RED line to Harvard Square stop and walk through Harvard Yard and down Oxford street one block. It is a big brick building on your right and is set back from the road. The flowers are on the second floor. There is an elevator for those who need it. 

Suggestions from Martha Giberson:

Although the tour at the museum is on Sunday morning that doesn't guarantee that there will be enough on street parking.  Quite a bit of Cambridge is taken up by resident only parking so public spaces are severely reduced and there is a church near there.  You can get a visitors parking pass (pre-paid) for the nearest Harvard garage if you don't want to take a chance on finding a space somewhere on the street.

Parts of the parking area at Andy and Susie's glassblowing studio (NOCA) are restricted and subject to towing.  Here is the parking notice I sent out for every GlassBoston organizing meeting we held there. 

“PARK in the FRONT parking area ONLY.  DO NOT PARK in the back or side of the building or you will be towed.  Additional parking is available on the other side of the railroad tracks in Jose's Mexican Restaurant parking lot at the BACK of the lot. Please DO NOT park in the front of the lot nearest Jose's.”